Sprouts (Chula Vista and Eastlake store locations) has partnered with Healthy Adventures Foundation to provide wellness programs for employees receiving health benefits through Sprouts.  Get involved! Want more information?

Contact us at 619-466-4386 or email healthcoach@healthyadventuresfoundation.org. To access the online tools, please log in below.


Online Tools through Health Step One

·         Register and receive our monthly newsletter and all communication emails about upcoming events and wellness benefits.

·         Here you will be able to register for exciting health challenges and competitions.

·         Take the mini health risk assessments.

·         Use the health risk calculators.

Sign up for health coaching!

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Speak with a Coach

Sign up for on-going health coaching. Or just have questions about nutrition, fitness, stress management or some other health related topics? Call us and ask to speak with a health coach at 619-466-4386 or email us at healthcoach@healthyadventuresfoundation.org.

Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes are offered at various locations. These classes are designed to accommodate individuals at all fitness levels. Each class will be themed: aerobic, strength, dance, kickboxing, and more. Please contact us to sign up for a class at your site!

Healthy Cooking Classes

Healthy Cooking Classes are offered at various locations. These classes will be presented by an instructor who will also provide ingredients for the group to learn how to prepare healthy recipes. Please contact us to sign up for a class at your site!

Lunch ‘n Learns

These Lunch ‘n Learn classes are offered at various locations. The topics to be discussed will include weight management, stress management, hypertension, diabetes management, and more. Please contact us to sign up for a class at your site!

Health Screenings

Get a health screening at your site. Talk to a coach!

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