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Stone Brewing Co. cares about their employee's health and well-being. To encourage good work-life balance, a more active and healthy lifestyle, and to provide wellness opportunities, Stone Brewing Co. has partnered with Healthy Adventures Foundation! If you have questions, want more information or are interested in getting involved, please contact us a health coach at Healthy Adventures Foundation at 619-466-4386 and

To register to use the Online Tools through Health Step One, Inc., please click the login button below to complete the one-time registration process. Click the Create or Reset Password link and enter your work email as your user ID. Instructions will be sent to your work email account. If you need any assistance, give a call at 619-466-4386.

Stone Brewing Co.'s online wellness resource allows you to register for wellness challenges, sign up for a one-time health coaching session, take the readiness quizzes, mini health risk assessments, use the health calculators or use the trackers. Register today!

Wellness Services Available to Stone Brewing Co. employees:

- Speak with a health coach for any nutrition, exercise or health-related questions. All that is discussed remains confidential.

- Receive the monthly newsletter.

- Participate in the annual health fair.

- Sign up for the wellness competitions and challenges.

-  Confidential outreach from the health coach to you who have any risk factors after taking the online health assessments.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment with a coach, contact us at 619-466-3486 or . 

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