San Diego Electrical Industry Trust

San Diego Electrical Industry Trust has partnered with Healthy Adventures Foundation to provide wellness programs for employees receiving health benefits through HealthWay Trust.  Get involved! Want more information?

Contact us at 619-466-4386 or email To access the online tools, please log in below.


Wellness Benefits Pilot Program

Online Tools through Health Step One

·         Register and receive our monthly newsletter and all communication emails about upcoming events and wellness benefits.

·         Here you will be able to register for exciting health challenges and competitions.

·         Take the mini health risk assessments.

·         Use the health risk calculators.


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Work with a Coach for Lifestyle Changes

Work with a coach to address lifestyle strategies to better manage your health. Work on nutritional and fitness strategies, stress management, changing behaviors, and better accountability. Want to get involved? Call us and ask to speak with a health coach at 619-466-4386 or email us at

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