Nutrition Tool Box

We want you to stay happy and healthy! Here are some resources to help you choose better food choices and help you plan your meals!



This website offers the most up to date nutrition information that registered dietitians follow.

This is a great tool to help track your daily food and exercise. It also breaks down the food guide pyramid to be easily used.

This website breaks down the food label using clear visuals. It defines each part and explains how to utilize the label to your advantage


Nutrition tips & recipes and weight loss tips

Information on cutting calories and fat in your diet, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Also included is: BMI calculator, Healthy Weight Calculator, and calorie info.

This website reveals “truths about snacks” and provides tips on alternatives to healthier snacks.

Healthy Eating & Diet

Calorie Counters






Small Changes for Health

Physical Health


Emotional Health


Stress Busters

Healthy Eating & Healthy Weight Loss

Diet, Nutrition, and Health

10 Tips Nutrition Education Series

Nutrition Education

Sports Nutrition

Healthy Recipes

Keep Your Immune System Strong

Meal Plans

Healthy Breakfast




Fresh Starts, Happy Endings

Learn how to read the labels on your foods and additional information on nutrition.

How to Cook Basics



Nutrition Professional Resources

Going back to the Old Ways of eating healthy

Food personality quiz, tools, resources


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