Community Research Foundation

Community Research Foundation has partnered with Healthy Adventures Foundation to provide wellness programs for employees receiving health benefits through Sharp Health Plan.  Get involved! Want more information? Contact us at 619-466-4386 or email To access the online tools, please log in below.

Benefits and Upcoming Events

Online Tools through Health Step One

  • Register and receive our monthly newsletter and communication emails about wellness events and benefits.
  • Here you will be able to register for exciting health challenges and competitions.
  • Take the mini health risk assessments.
  • Use the health risk calculators.
  • Check your wellness points earned.
  • Purchase items from the online wellness store with your wellness points.


Click the button below in order to access these online wellness tools.


Health Coaching

For those who are eligible for health coaching, coach services are provided to you through Sharp Health Plan.

Health Related Workshops

·         Exercise Classes

·         Healthy Cooking Classes

·         Lunch ‘n Learns

Health Screenings

There will be free health screenings available to you two times per year. Come on out to get the following screenings: body fat, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, body age, resting metabolism, blood pressure, heart rate, respirations, oxygen saturation, girth measurements, grip strength, pulmonary function, and waist-to-height ratio.

Wellness Challenges

There will be four wellness challenges offered over the next year. These fun challenges can focus on nutrition, exercise, or stress management. They can be individual or team based!


Want to earn rewards for participating in our wellness activities? You can now request the Rewards and Incentive Sheet from to find out how to get started, or call a health coach at 619-466-4386. Log onto your online tools to check out your online store.

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