Amazon Smiles Donation Program

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To donate directly to our youth programs, community-based programs or to our office needs, 

please contact Wendy Hileman at 619-466-4386 or


Amazon Wish List

Check our Amazon Wish List. Click here

This is a list of books for our youth services library, recreational equipment, cooking class equipment, and kid class supplies.


Our organization is currently in need of:


Youth Programs

Monetary donations for our youth programs and youth health coaching

Gardening supplies - hand tools, kneeling foam, seeds

Balls for youth programs - volleyball, soccer, basketball, football, kickball, baseball, softball, sensory balls, foam balls, etc.

Small kitchen appliances and supplies for our youth healthy cooking classes: micro planer, safety knives for kids, food process, coffee grinder, skid-proof bowls, kid-friendly utensils. See our Amazon Wish List above for a comprehensive list.


Community-Based Programs

Any usable exercise equipment - Currently need workout bench, kettle bellsstability balls, yoga mats, free weights, step boards, exercise bands.


Office Supply Needs

Office supplies: copy paper, toner

Portable or tabletop dishwasher

Small washing machine


Volunteer Expertise Needs - We are happy to barter wellness services in exchange for these services.



Replace bathroom sink and faucet


Gift Cards Accepted

Gift cards to any food stores for our healthy cooking classes

Gift cards to Big 5 or any other sporting good stores

Gift cards to Amazon

Gift cards to big box stores, like Costco, Target, Walmart


If you would like to give a monetary donation, your donations are tax deductible. Please call to donate. We can take cash, checks or credit card donations. We appreciate your consideration!

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