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For Volunteer, Internship or Employment Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteer opportunities, an internship, or earning college course credit? Healthy Adventures Foundation has opportunities for you to get involved in community public health programs and initiatives. Our diverse programs will offer you a unique experience and a chance to make a difference in your community. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities or joining our team, please send a letter of interest and resume to healthcoach@healthyadventuresfoundation.org.

Paid Internships 

Paid Internships are offered to curent unpaid interns as a first choice in these positions. Paid internships start at $12/hour. Students must be enrolled in related program that is working toward a Bachelor's degree. 

Health Coaching Positions

Health Coach

Job description: Technical 80% - Administrative 20%

  1. Provide excellent customer service, using a common sense approach, leaving the customer satisfied, with a feeling that they are important, and create a sense of value in the service provided.
    • Respond to customer phone calls and emails, within 24 hours on the weekdays and/or within 72 hours on the weekends/holiday
    • Address the customer’s questions with professional and accurate information
    • Keep current on fitness and nutritional information, in order to disseminate current and accurate information to customers and health coach clients
    • Must be able to make customers feel as though their issues are the most important issues on your mind when you are dealing with them. Develop a positive and productive workning relationship with clients.
  2. Able to participate in projects
  3. Track and manage data of participants, including successes and measureable outcomes
  4. Conduct site visitsSet up and run health fairsConduct biometric screenings including skinfold, BMI, blood pressure, height, weight, girth measurements, and blood tests
    • Conduct and facilitate presentations and meetings
    • Lead exercise and nutrition classes
  5. Conduct home visits for health coach clients
  6. Attend and lead youth site visits/activities
  7. Send out and answer team emails, within 24 hours on the weekdays and/or within 72 hours on the weekends/holiday
  8. Conduct employee site visits
  9. Manage and fulfill team incentives and rewards within 2-4 weeks from ending date of each challenge and incremental step within the challenge.
  10. Develop adult and youth wellness curriculum
  11. Participate and write technical writing projects, proposals, progress reports, and other related tasks.
  12. Conduct preliminary phone interview
  13. Identify and develop the steps and protocols for health coaches to take with clients for each identified disease
  14. Attend and participate in team and project planning meetings
  15. Follow health coach protocols and assist with protocol development
  16. Lead group exercise, staff development and healthy cooking classes

Other Expectations and Requirements

HAF supports their employee’s educational and professional goals and encourages pursuit of these goals. It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that additional jobs and/or classes do not interfere with the hours that have been agreed upon between the employee and the company. Interference may affect your employment at HAF.

Employees who hold bachelor’s degrees have been hired as professionals and are expected to conduct themselves as professionals towards all other co-workers. This includes following the same peer-mentoring model that is followed at all HAF youth programs, in which the HAF professional serves as a role-model and mentor toward HAF interns. Likewise, HAF interns are expected to show the same respect to co-workers at each level. All employees are expected to privately and immediately bring related issues to their supervisor’s attention.

Minimum requirements: Bachelor’s degree or degree in progress in a health-related field. Strong and proven technical writer. Ability to use good judgment. The ability to lift 25 pounds, to carry equipment when needed. Fitness/Exercise certification preferred. Adult/Child/Infant CPR/AED and First Aid must be obtained within 6 months of hiring date. Cooking class staff must obtain Food-Handler’s certification within 6 months of hiring date. Non-compliance of  certification policies is a violation of your employment agreement. Must have valid driver’s license, as well as a reliable and insured vehicle (meets minimum California insurance standards). Able to proficiently use Microsoft Office software programs. Must obtain Basic Phlebotomy certification within 3 months of hire date. Must be able to pass a live scan/backgroud investigation.

Probationary period: 3 months, from the hire date

Salary: $15-$18/hour, depending on educational differences (bachelor's vs. master's degree, certifications, years of experience in the exact field)

Benefits: Healthy Adventures Foundation pays for 90% of medical, 100% dental HMO (or 65% PPO), 90% of Accupuncture/Chiropractic Care, Employee Assistance Program, up to 15 days of PTO annually, training opportunities, Continuing Education Reimbursement, fun work environment with lots of diverse opportunities. 

If you are looking for a position as a health coach, please send a letter of interest and resume to healthcoach@healthyadventuresfoundation.org. We take resumes throughout the year and will contact you if you qualify for an interview and we are actively hiring at the time.

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