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Youth Programs
Healthy Adventures Foundation youth programs exist to support and educate under served and at risk youth. We do this by providing programs that empower these youth to take control of their nutrition and physical activity. To schedule a class at your site for any of our healthy lifestyle classes, please contact Wendy Hileman at (619) 466-4386 or

We are currently partnered with Polinsky Children's Center, Boys and Girls Clubs of Fallbrook, County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation, the County of San Diego Libraries, City Libraries, and several school sites. When working with these groups we provide creative and active games, as well as educational nutrition or cooking classes which engage the youth. In giving these children the tools to understand and manage their wellness, we give them a better chance and living long, happy, healthy lives.


Healthy Cooking Demonstrations/Classes

Healthy Adventures Foundation's Chefs can conduct a healthy cooking demonstration and hands-on classes for all ages, from pre-school to seniors. The classes are designed to accommodate the population being served in ways that encourage the consumption of more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. These classes provide instruction, recipe handouts and samples for all attendees. These are our favorite and most requested community classes!

Health Coaching / Personal Training
Healthy Adventures Foundation offers health coaching to individuals, groups, and families. Our health coaching can be conducted in-person, over the phone, via email, or any combination of the three options. Our health coaches work one on one with clients to help them create health-related goals and provide the tools to reach those goals.

Health Screenings
We have trained staff available to perform biometric health evaluations. We perform height and weight measurements, body composition percentages, girth measurements, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol (variety of options), body mass index (BMI), and more. We can also track these measurements to give clients a view of multiple health-related variables over time, and provide organizational reports, de-identified and aggregately.

Public Speaking
We have professional speakers available for conferences, trainings, staff development workshops and more. Our available topics pertain to all aspects of health wellness. We have provided speakers for the Council of Community Clinics, Police and Fire Fighters Peer Support Regional Conference, Los Angeles Police Department Peer Support Conference, Fresno Collaborative Efforts, California Teachers Association, Alliant International University International Business Conference, Mesa College Classified Staff Conference, California Health Care Coalition, local school districts and more.

Organizational Support and Development

Healthy Adventures Foundation's executive team offers consulting services to assist non-profits, government agencies, public services entities, and others in a wide variety of business development strategies designed to create healthier organizations, including employee wellness, funding development strategies through grants, strategic planning, team building, ergonomic workstation assessments, healthy food strategies at the work site, injury reduction programs, healthy community development, leadership, and more!

Grant Writing
Healthy Adventures Foundation responds to the needs of the San Diego community and surrounding areas by offering free grant-writing services for our partnered organizations. As a 501 (c)(3) public charity, we apply for grant funding for the creation and expansion of ground-breaking community programs. After writing the grant, we follow through by providing services necessary to the maintenance and application of the grant. We are extremely adaptable to each community's specific needs and imaginative in answering the call of each population's consumers, and we have seen enthusiastic responses from individuals, schools, and community organizations that cannot wait to get involved. Our programs are specifically tailored to the populations we serve and this is a great motivating factor to get people aware and involved in their community development.

Some of our successful grants:
ReConnect Grant: Funded through the California Endowment, conducted an audit and needs assessment of East Region San Diego County. Engaged youth leadership and community involvement.
San Diego Nutrition Network: Multiple awarded grants funded youth nutrition programs at various sites throughout San Diego County
Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles: Created youth sport camps, activities, and games for two sites, targeting low-income and at-risk youth.
California Adolescent Nutrition and Fitness Program: Two awarded grants funded youth nutrition and fun fitness programs at various sites throughout San Diego County

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We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside you to help you reach your health and wellness goals! If there is a service you would like that you do not see listed, please let us know, we may be able to create it just for you!

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