Healthy Adventures Foundation seeks to partner with communities, organizations, groups and individuals that desire to create a model of health.


We seek to improve the quality of life, while seeking balance in healthy behaviors.


Healthy Adventures Foundation approaches wellness using the Ecological Model of Health through identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs and services, with an emphasis on underserved and high-risk populations.

Our goal is to educate, inspire, support, and create opportunities for healthy lifestyle in physical activity, healthy nutrition, disease prevention and management, behavior modification and goal setting, stress management, health awareness, positive body image, promoting self-esteem, mind-body connection, and more that enables us to adapt to the needs of each community.

Our strength lies in our ability to form collaborative working relationships with diverse groups of individuals, providing support, resources and expertise in building and maintaining healthy communities!

Our Values

We are client-centered, honor diversity, and have high levels of integrity, while providing high-quality services that our employees can be proud of and the community will desire.


If it is not fun, don't do it! Our staff are here, because they want to have fun! They try to convey that learning about and participating in a healthy lifestyle is an important matter that can be fun and interesting.

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